Kicking off the New Year

Kicking off the New Year

Canoe Trip Jan 1I have been kicking off the new year doing some things I love. Floating local rivers and getting out to enjoy the beautiful Ozarks is one of my favorite pastimes. I hope you are able to enjoy the things you love to do as well!

Sometimes doing the very things you love can strain or pull muscles. This can stop you from enjoying the things you enjoy the most. Swedish massage and our pain relieving neuromuscular massages can alleviate your strains, pulled, and over-worked muscles. Massage can improve circulation to increase blood flow to the affected areas, which can aid in faster healing and right back out doing what you love quicker!

You may find you’re not “bouncing back” from certain activities like you used to. If so, massage can help with that as well. In many cases, massage has even been shown to prevent future injuries.  Did you know that massage can boost your immune system too. What a great bonus!

Canoe Trip 2 Jan 1So, when you are tired, achy, and sore, or just feeling worn down after the holidays, we are here to help you bounce back, feel energized, and healthy again. We can help you relax, while treating your muscles so they can serve you well again!

WHOOO would like to wish you and your family health, happiness, and prosperity this new year? I would!


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