Swedish Relaxation, Prenatal & Chair Massages


Neuromuscular, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue & Sports Massages

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Unwind with a Swedish massage. Your Ozark Massage therapist uses oils to perform a series of fluid motions, delivering a relaxed sensation throughout your entire body. This is the most common form of massage in the West. Its unintimidating style provides mass appeal through gentle stroking, kneading, circular-friction and tapping motions. The practice of massage eliminates muscle toxins, improves circulation, decreases stress hormones and boosts your immune system. Return home feeling energized.


Prenatal Massage

Get pampered. Tailored for moms-to-be, this massage puts special emphasis on cradling your body to prevent discomfort. Custom-made cushions provide support and accommodate your growing belly. Pregnancy puts special strain on a woman’s back and leg muscles. Expectant moms gain relief from commonplace headaches, stiff neck, backaches, leg cramps and swelling. Prenatal bodywork focuses on gentle touch to safely sooth these conditions.


Chair Massage

For those with limited time and modest dispositions, chair massage could be just the right indulgence. While fully clothed and resting in an ergonomically-designed chair, clients receive massage targeted to high-tension regions of the body. Shoulders, necks, backs, hands and arms relax in short order, as expert touch is delivered by an Ozark Massage therapist.


Neuromuscular Massage

Experience healing touch. Neuromuscular massage is the most effective massage therapy for pain. It involves focused, alternating levels and angles of pressure applied to alleviate muscle spasms. A technique called pinning is also used to isolate troubled muscles and take them through a full range of motion.


Therapeutic Massage

Deep tissue, sports and neuromuscular therapy are all forms of massage that could be incorporated into your therapeutic massage session, bringing relief to your aching body. Therapeutic massage simply means we’ll focus combined efforts on a troubled area. At Ozark Massage Clinic, your therapist partners with you to determine the best therapy for your unique needs.


Deep Tissue Massage

Do you prefer a more aggressive approach for alleviating tension? Deep tissue is another form of Swedish massage but employs ample targeted pressure to areas of chronic pain. Movements are slower and more concentrated to penetrate knots in muscles, tendons and connective tissues. Those suffering from back pain or stiff necks often find great relief. Experience lowered blood pressure and the elimination of scar tissue. Sometimes multiple sessions are required for optimal results.


Sports Massage

Delight your inner athlete. Sports massage is useful in the treatment of chronic pain or restricted range of motion. Before an athletic event, sports massage improves circulation, reduces muscle tension and calms the mind. It provides multiple benefits after events as well. Are your shoulders sore after every golf game? Did that half-marathon leave your leg muscles aching? Maybe your weekend basketball game put your back out of whack? Sports massage targets the deepest tissues in your problem areas. Reduce muscle stiffness, spasms, and pain. Ozark Massage will help you reach your fullest potential.