Pamper your Valentine

Pamper your Valentine

valentines-day-1182252_1920If you are thinking sweets for your sweetheart, perhaps you should reconsider. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be all about sweets and chocolates! Maybe sweets are fine in moderation, but why not give a treat that is truly from the heart, the gift of pampering and relaxation.

Too many sweets can be one of the most detrimental things you can put in your body. Not only do they making us feel the crash of the sugar high, but there are long-term negative health effects. Like nearly everyone, I love a good treat. The trade off in my health is not always worth it.

Sugar and chronic pain just don’t mix. Too much sugar causes your nerves to absorb water, which then causes the nerves to swell. Research shows that excessive sugar intake makes the nerves and their protective coating (known as the myelin sheath) less pliable and more prone to cracking and damage.


This can lead to:

  • stabbing pain in the hands, arms, legs, and feet
  • less pliable nerves
  • and with repeated swelling, serious damage to the nerves

I’m not saying to never eat sugar¬†but consider alternatives to candy for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. Consider relaxation and pampering instead.

I’m proud to begin offering Lavender Falls products right in my clinic. I’m impressed with their products and best of all, they are local! Their beautiful small farm in Clever, MO has the whole family involved with their hand crafted products.


Available for a Limited Time

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I’ve created special gift baskets for pampering and nurturing your love!

They include:

  • 1-hour neuromuscular massage
  • eye mask
  • products from Lavender Falls
    • lip balm
    • 3 in 1 candle
    • bath salt & a sachet

All for only $100 (that’s a 20% discount if you purchased each item individually)!

This year, give a gift that heals, not one that hurts!

WHOOO wants to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day? I would!


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